Nordic Club Seoul – Midsummer Picnic

Last year’s picnic was awesome, so we are doing it again! In celebration of Swedish midsummer, we will be having another picnic, this time in Yongsan Family Park. Like last time it will be a potluck, so bring a mat, drinks and food to share.

All guests get 1 free beer when they arrive, as we have an awesome beer sponsor this year, Moon Beer.

If you’re a Nordic Club Seoul member and you bring a non-member, you and your guest get 2 free beers each, as long as we have beer, so come early!

We will also be playing Kubb, the swedish viking game like last year, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all again!

Directions: Yongsan Family Park, Seobinggo station exit 1 cross the road and walk straight, or take a bus nearby and walk for a bit. We will be in the grassy area where there is a sculpture of a big hand, all the way towards the end.

Naver maps:

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