Nordic Club Seoul July Social Dinner in Gyeongnidan

On Tuesday the 9th of July at 7 pm, we’ll gather for a casual dinner in Sunshimine(순심이네) restaurant in Gyeongnidan-gil.

The restaurant offers traditional Korean food (including shabu-shabu) for reasonable prices in a fresh and friendly atmosphere. The food is maybe a little on the spicy side but don’t worry – all Korean types of beverages are on offer.

With public transport, you can get on the green bus number 3 (direction towards Hyatt Hotel) at Noksapyeong or Samgakji station. Hop off at the GS25/7-11 half way uphill. The restaurant is on the opposite side of the road on the second floor.


Please send a text message/KakaoTalk including your name to Anders (010-5594-3550) to register for table reservation.