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Nordic Club Seoul is a growing community of people with ties to the Nordic countries. We are a network of people, consisting not only of people from the North, but we’re also open to anyone who is interested in the Nordic culture.

We involve the community in social and cultural events, from participating in the annual SIWA charity bazaar, to seasonal members-only parties as well as smaller social gatherings and workshops throughout the year. Here, there are lots of opportunities to meet people with diverse Nordic backgrounds and interests. Join us today and be a part of an engaging and growing community.

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What we can offer

Nordic Club Seoul is a place to make friends, create connections, expand your horizons and deepen the understanding of Nordic culture. It’s also a place to create an impact and make a difference for people that need it the most, with people that are passionate about what they do.

Nordic Club Seoul Partners

As a community, Nordic Club Seoul is all about creating connections and we are happy and proud to work with the following partners:

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Join Nordic Club Seoul today and be a part of a growing, inspiring and engaging community

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